International Health Governance


International Health Governance

The Forschungsstätte der Evangelischen Studiengemeinschaft e.V. / Institute for Interdisciplinary Research and the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (MPIL) are pleased to announce a research project on International Health Governance (IHG). It will use the International Public Authority (IPA) approach to characterize and explain IHG in the face of ongoing structural changes in public international law.

This IHG perspective purports to recognize the relevant actors involved in the goal of providing an adequate standard of health for persons. While the human right to health still focuses on the home-states to guarantee internationally agreed standards, IHG encompasses the broader picture of States, International Organizations, NGOs, private actors and public-private partnerships, all of them acting within the purview of their legal norms as well as under ethical convictions. The recent West African Ebola crisis provides a relevant example for examining the response of different actors who aid States unable to safeguard their own citizens. What are the responsibilities of IHG actors and how does law coordinate their actions? Does the human right to health include research in health issues as an obligation of States? With the ultimate goal of delivering timely and effective aid, the interplay between regulatory provisions and structural shortcomings and their effect on coordinated aid delivery by various actors requires further scrutiny.

For the initial phase of our research, we selected three sub-areas of IHG:

  1. Responsibilities of IHG actors
  2. Coordination of IHG actors
  3. Publicly-financed research

Please find a long concept paper for our IHG project here.

International Workshop for Researchers, Post-docs, Doctoral Students and International Health Practitioners in general:
Infectious Disease Epidemics Control from an IPA perspective
3 and 4 March 2016 at the MPIL in Heidelberg, Germany
Keynote speaker: Prof. Dr Michael Marx (Managing director evaplan International Health at the University Hospital Heidelberg, Germany)
Call for abstracts (deadline: 30.11.2015)



It is possible to join the workshop without a paper. However, it is necessary to register with Ute Koder-Binder, Ass. jur., M.A.:;
Phone: +49 6221 482-602 ;Fax: +49 6221 482 288 (early registration is advised as there are limited places)
Project Management:

  • Leonie Vierck (MPIL)
  • Pedro Villarreal, UNAM (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México / National Autonomous University of Mexico)
  • Dr. iur. A. Katarina Weilert, LL.M. (FEST)

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